Hi-Vol Equipment

Cold Formers:

Hi-Vol Products Equipment
  • National FXP35M, FXP56S, 245, 1000
  • Waterbury Nut Formers, Part Formers, Hi Pros. Styles: #2, #3 & #4
  • Rotary Die Thread Rollers: Waterbury, Prutton, Reed Rico, Wafios

Machining Equipment:

Hi-Vol Products Equipment
  • Hydromat precision rotary transfer HS-16 chucking machines
  • Hydromat precision rotary transfer 32/45-16 bar machines
  • Doosan CNC lathes
  • Miyano BNA twin turret, twin spindle turning center
  • HAAS vertical mill
  • Multi-station rotary index, auto-deburring centers

Quality Inspection Equipment:

Hi-Vol Products Equipment
  • Mectron Laser inspection machines
  • Witness shell sorter
  • Brown & Sharpe CMM
  • Mitutoyo surface testing equipment
  • CMI 800 X-Ray Fluorescent plating thickness/composition tester
  • Fischer Bench top coating and material measurement system

Please contact Andrew Blaszak to schedule a tour of our facility and equipment.